Discounts - offers

Family and friends offer


The discount is offered for 3 or more people in the international routes for passenger classes DECK, AES, ABS, AB3, AB4, A3, A4 with or without a private car / Jeep. All tickets must have been issued under the same reservation number. The discount is not offset with the 50% discount for the children.



Children from 4 to 12 years old (not yet turned): 50% reduction on the ship passage. Children up to 4 years old (not yet turned), without right for berth or seat travel free of charge or they get 50% discount for a bed in all classes.

Round trip tickets 


For roundtrip tickets from/to Greece, Grimaldi Lines applies 20% discount on the return ticket. Both journeys must be booked contextually.

Students / Holders of ISIC Card / Young 


Passengers up to 26 years, holders of ISIC cad and students get 20% discount. The discount applies to all categories except Deluxe cabins. The discount is valid for their own car or motorcycle, too.

Passengers over 60 years 


The discount applies for passengers who have reached 60 years of age and travel with or without their car for all classes but not for vehicles using the "Camping All Inclusive" service.