2 ways of searching – Finding the cheapest ticket

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With us you can find what you really need and take advantage of all valid ticket offers.

online κρατηση

On-line reservation

Our online reservation system gives access to all shipping companies for Greek Islands and Adriatic Sea Routings.

Reservation is complete in 4 very easy steps.

I choose number of passengers, trip date and routing
I choose suitable routing
Fill in details of passengers and vehicles
Pay my reservation and travel
online κρατηση

Evrica – The cheapest tickets

Evrica is your personal best price consultant! It can find for you all the offers available. It checks and compares prices and availability in 3 easy steps.

I choose my destination and up to 3 departure ports. For example: I want to go to Skiathos and I can depart from Volos or Agios Contantinos or Mantoudi
I choose travel date having the option of +-4 days
I can check all offers available and compare prices on-line for every departing port